Build a powerful and scalable VFX pipeline for complex simulations, effects, and rendering with software from Autodesk.

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What is the VFX pipeline?

The VFX pipeline consists of the processes and people that work together to bring breathtaking scenes and characters to life for film and TV. It entails everything from preproduction and pre-visualization through 3D modeling, rigging, animation, effects, rendering, and more.

Using tools in the Media & Entertainment Collection for the VFX pipeline

The Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection includes all of the tools you need to build a powerful and scalable VFX pipeline for complex simulations, effects, and rendering.

VFX pipeline for massive simulations

Add simulation power to your VFX pipeline with Bifrost. Create stunning procedural effects right in Maya, then scale up VFX capabilities with the ability to run Bifrost on 15 machines with each collection subscription.

Benefits of Autodesk tools in the VFX pipeline

Supply artists with industry-standard creative tools at their desktops, on the render farm, and throughout the entire VFX pipeline.


    Artists at every stage of the VFX pipeline – from modelers, look dev artists, and animators to visual effects artists and TDs – have access to the tools they need to create believable characters, sweeping landscapes, and complex simulations.

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    Work faster and smarter with powerful and proven artists’ tools that work together seamlessly, integrate into your pipeline, and make it easy to scale up your rendering and visual effects output when you need to.

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    Build a scalable VFX pipeline for 3D animation, effects, simulation, and rendering to tackle even the most demanding jobs – and expand the services you offer to take on the creative projects you’ve always wanted.

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    Streamline production with tools aimed at helping artists work faster and more intuitively. Integrate more artist-friendly rendering into your VFX pipeline and improve the predictability of timing and output, so you can do more iterations in the same time.

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Relevant software in the collection for the VFX pipeline

From modeling and animation to creating complex effects, rendering, and more, the collection delivers all the tools your artists need to take on any creative project.


    Shape 3D objects and scenes with powerful modeling tools in 3ds Max.

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    Create realistic character movement with best-in-class rigging and animation tools in Maya.

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  • VFX

    Create complex effects including explosions, fire, sand, and snow with Bifrost for Maya.

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    From detailed battle sequences to hyperrealistic characters, render your toughest projects with Arnold.

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VFX Pipeline Resources

Learn how studios around the world use Autodesk software to keep their VFX pipeline running smoothly.

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  • Cinesite: Attracting the right talent

    Having the choice to use both 3ds Max and Maya gives VFX studios like Cinesite the flexibility to accommodate the talent they want to hire.

  • Netflix’s Lost in Space: How VFX Modernized a Classic Franchise

    Thanks to the power and remarkable malleability of visual effects work, Image Engine was able to give new life to Lost in Space and successfully reimagine 50-year-old concepts and stories for the modern era.

Autodesk software for the VFX pipeline

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VFX pipeline frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection includes a suite of industry-standard tools for doing a wide range of visual effects and animation tasks – from creating expansive worlds and environments to 3D character creation and complex VFX simulations. Key features include software for modeling and environment creation, rigging, animation, motion capture, effects simulation, lighting and rendering.

Products in the Media & Entertainment Collection include Maya, 3ds Max, Arnold (with the option of getting a 5-pack; see next FAQ), MotionBuilder, Mudbox, Character Generator, ReCap Pro, and Autodesk Rendering.

You can also run Bifrost for Maya on up to 15 machines with each collection license, enabling you to process Bifrost-created simulations on a compute farm. Bifrost for Maya is a visual programming environment for creating complex effects.

If you purchase the Media & Entertainment Collection online, you get a single-user Arnold license, which you can use on up to 5 separate machines. If you purchase a collection subscription from a reseller, you have the choice between receiving an Arnold single-user license or a 5-pack of Arnold multi-user licenses. The option to get multi-user licenses in place of a single-user license is only available if you buy from a reseller and doesn’t apply if you purchase online.

Autodesk’s Media & Entertianment Collection equips artists with tools to help them work quickly and create stunning animations and visual effects. It improves team performance by enabling artists up and down the pipeline to easily iterate on creative work and consistently meet deadlines.

The Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection provides an end-to-end creative solution for animators, modelers, and visual effects artists that can easily integrate into existing VFX pipelines.

Flexible term lengths make it easy to scale up or down as demand dictates. The Media & Entertainment Collection is available as a monthly, annual, or multi-year subscription on the e-store and from authorized resellers. To get the collection with an Arnold 5-pack, contact a reseller.

Your subscription includes all product maintenance, upgrades, and technical support, so you can be sure your software is protected. There’s no need to manage multiple product licenses. Simply download and install the software you want, whenever you need it.

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