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Introducing a new way to learn and certify for today’s adaptive industry professionals and innovators. Whether you are looking to change careers or build skills in your current role, we don’t think you should have to go it alone. At Autodesk, we’re here to help you stay on the edge of industry convergence and changing roles through self-paced learning.

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Build, validate, and showcase in-demand skills to succeed in today’s evolving industries. Whether you’re starting your career or expanding your skillset, take immediate steps toward your goals.

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Extend your skills with our free courses, featuring self-paced courses, tutorials, and learning modules.

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Prove your skills by earning an industry-recognized certification to showcase your skills and accelerate your career.

Find the certification that’s right for you

Autodesk’s certifications offer manufacturing, architecture, engineering, and construction professionals a way to integrate market-leading technologies with the insight to uncover, and own, what’s next in the industry.

Gain the knowledge and skills to create high-quality building and infrastructure designs; optimize projects with integrated analysis, visualization, and simulation tools; and improve predictability by maximizing constructability and project coordination.

Gain the knowledge and skills to streamline your product development process, create high-performing product designs and production system layouts, and connect your team and data from design through manufacture.

Introducing adaptive learning for continuous growth

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We know that top talent loves learning. And your learning journey and goals are unique. That's why we built a new way of learning that is modular and self-paced. From in-depth software knowledge to the ability to solve for complex workflows and design, our data shows that professionals who take Autodesk learning and certification courses are more likely to stand out in their industries, lead new initiatives, and innovate on the job.

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We’ll connect you to the path that’s right for you, help you track your progress, and help you discover the next steps on your learning journey. And as you achieve your goals, we’ll celebrate your accomplishments as part of a global community of Autodesk innovators.

“We feel very lucky that our programs end with the opportunity to get certification directly through Autodesk,” said Spurlock. “Since we’ve been offering the NGMT program, individuals have—on average—gotten placement opportunities that pay approximately $5 more per hour. For the first cohort to whom we provided the Autodesk certification opportunity, 30 percent of CNC trainees were hired before graduation. So it’s already increasing our participants’ ability to get good-paying jobs here in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

Ryan Spurlock, Founder and Executive Director, Humanmade Next Generation Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program

The future of work is the future of learning

As roles, disciplines, and industries converge, selecting a specific field of study or a degree is less important than committing to a lifelong-learner mindset. Dr. Randy Swearer, former Autodesk Vice President of Learning Futures, offers insights and a vision for how the future of education will determine the success of tomorrow’s workforce.

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