Generative design is a form of artificial intelligence that leverages the power of the cloud and machine learning while accelerating the entire design-to-make process.


Generative design overview video (1:19 min.)

Accelerate your product development process

The generative design process explores manufacturing-ready outcomes earlier in your production process, optimized for cost, material, and different manufacturing techniques, so you can get to market faster.

Manufacturing-ready solutions with generative design

Generative design in Fusion 360 gives you the ability to select multiple manufacturing methods to quickly explore numerous solutions for your design and engineering challenges.

  • Close-up view of man holding a complex metal part


    Improve design freedom and bring your innovations to the front. Build better quality products in less time while reducing material waste.

  • Detail view of a high-end performance tire on a sports car


    Take advantage of your shop-floor production capabilities by improving consistency across your 2.5-axis, 3-axis, or 5-axis machines.

  • Three men working together to create a complex shape


    Enable complex shapes, intricate sections, and greater mechanical properties while combining additive, subtractive, and generative design for reduced production costs.

  • Five modern-styled, molded chairs of varying colors


    Optimize the effectiveness of your high-volume injection molding with generative design, achieving a higher production rate with reduced cycle times.

Explore limitless possibilities with generative design

See what the Harvard Business Review has to say about:

  • The future of intelligent design automation
  • Generative design vs. topology optimization
  • Breakthrough innovations with generative design

Benefits of generative design for manufacturing

Helping manufacturers do more, better, and with less.

  • Stylized line drawing of a feather


    Quickly identify solutions to minimize mass and material use while maintaining performance standards, meeting design goals, and respecting engineering constraints.

  • Stylized line drawing showing a computer screen alongside a gear, indicating performance


    Evaluate multiple manufacturing methods using generative design and discover solutions to improve and optimize product durability and eliminate areas of weakness.

  • Stylized line drawing of a computer screen featuring three complex machine parts


    Explore a range of design solutions that allow you to consolidate multiple components into solid parts, reducing assembly costs and simplifying your supply chain.

  • Stylized line drawing of trees


    Meet your sustainability goals by using generative design to lightweight your products, creating less production waste and helping you select more sustainable materials.

Companies using generative design

  • View of high-performance tire on a futuristic, sleek black sports car

    Briggs Automotive Company

    Powered by generative design, BAC reinvented the wheel for their latest super-car, reducing weight by 35% while retaining the company's brand identity and optimizing manufacturing for 5-axis machining.

    Image courtesy of Briggs Automotive Company

  • Computer screen displaying a rendering of a complex blue safety vest

    Edera Safety

    Using generative design technology, adamsfour, an in-house brand at Edera Safety, has created a revolutionary new back-protection system for athletes.

    Image courtesy of Edera

  • Orange and gray clamp for use on a specialty bike

    MJK Performance

    MJK used generative design to create a 23% lighter set of triple clamps for a specialty drag bike that was fully machinable on a 2.5-axis CNC milling machine.

    Image courtesy of MJK Performance


    Produce CAD-ready editable geometry to immediately edit in Fusion 360 or export to your CAD software of choice.

    Generative design geometry integrates seamlessly with Autodesk Inventor, maximizing efficiency and collaboration.


The latest on generative design

  • Two engineers flanking a semicircular structural support for an aircraft

    Bringing design ideas to life

    Read this Verdict Magazine interview on how transformation in industry technologies, such as additive manufacturing and generative design continue to change the way products are made.

    Image courtesy of Airbus

  • Three people seated at a conference table collaborating on a design displayed on a tablet

    Closing the skills gap with generative design

    With labor forces struggling to keep up with technological advancements, learn how generative design is bridging the skills gap between design, engineering, and manufacturing.

    Image courtesy of Edera

  • A man proudly displayed his prosthetic arm

    Redefining what’s possible

    Indian company Social Hardware used generative design to create a prosthetic device that combines the best features of two very different types of prosthetic limbs.

    Image courtesy of Social Hardware

Generative design resources

Access an expanding repository of generative design resources to help inspire new ideas.

Get more designs and faster production through generative design with fusion 360

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