Foundational | ~1 hr. 30 min.

Learn Fusion 360 in 90 Minutes

Course | Skill builder
Kickstart your CAD knowledge by learning core Fusion 360 workflows. Explore 2D sketching, parametric solid modeling, assembly creation, product rendering, exporting for 3D printing, file sharing, file management, and more.

Whether you're new to CAD or just starting out with Fusion 360, gain real-world skills by exploring the design and production of a tea kettle. You'll practice by creating and assembling parts using core parametric modeling techniques, rendering the design, and exporting files for 3D printing.

After completing this course, you'll be able to:

  • Navigate the Fusion 360 user interface.
  • Create and manage design files in Fusion 360.
  • Create components and assemblies in Fusion 360.
  • Fully define sketches.
  • Create solid bodies with core CAD features.
  • Modify existing parts with core CAD features.
  • Set up and generate product renderings.
  • Export files for 3D printing.
Download resources

Course modules

~10 min.
Getting started
Course Module

Discover what you'll learn in this course and download the software and resources you need. 

~5 min.
Explore the Fusion 360 user interface

Explore the Fusion 360 interface to learn where all the design and navigation tools are located as you start designing.

~6 min.
Creating a new project and design

Create new projects, folders, and Fusion 360 design files.

~6 min.
Using navigation and display settings

Learn to use the navigation tools in Fusion 360 to move around your designs with ease.

~7 min.
Creating new components and assemblies

Create new components and top-down CAD assemblies.

~9 min.
Sketching in 2D

Set document units and create a full-defined 2D sketch for a tea kettle base.

~13 min.
Creating solid 3D bodies

Turn a 2D sketch into a solid 3D body using core CAD features such as Revolve and Extrude.

~16 min.
Modifying existing 3D bodies

Alter and transform existing 3D components using core CAD features such as Fillet and Shell.

~23 min.
Assembling components with joints

Define relative position and motion between two or more components of a design.

~13 min.
Rendering a design

Practice setting up and rendering a cloud-based rendering of a Fusion 360 design.

~9 min.
Exporting for 3D printing

Create an STL/mesh file for 3D printing from your Fusion 360 design file.

~8 min.
Sharing a design

Share your Fusion 360 design file via Share Public Link.

~1 hr.
Course challenge exercise
Course Module

Take the challenge exercise to measure your skills on the topics covered in this course.

~20 min.
Final test
Course Module

Ready to test your knowledge?

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