The Medical Purposes of Psilocybin Mushrooms

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The Medical Purposes of Psilocybin Mushrooms


Whether it is out of a dare made by friends or to slake their own curiosity, the average Canadians have tried magic mushrooms at least once in their lifetime. With the approval of psilocybin mushrooms by the Canadian government to be used as anxiety treatment for terminally ill patients, more and more Canadians are opening up about trying the shroom; they use the internet to locate online dispensary to Order shrooms online Canada

What Can Psilocybin Mushrooms Do for Us?


Even though the Canadian government approves them, it does not mean that they have free rein and leeway to do as they please. Psilocybin mushrooms remain a recreational drug monitored closely by the government because they can be abused by the general public even though they have legitimate medical purposes. We have compiled a list of their medical usage to make it easier for you to read:

·      To Treat Anxiety

The Canadian government has approved the use of psilocybin mushrooms to treat anxiety that terminally ill patients have. With successful clinic trials, many Canadians have advocated their approval of the substance as therapy for dying patients supported by public education and training pertaining to the substance so that psilocybin mushrooms are used as intended and not abused in any way, shape, or form.

·      To Treat Depression

With the pandemic taking away our freedom and striking fear deep into our hearts, more Canadians developed mild depression that affected their work performance and well-being every time we go outside. Clinic trials for psilocybin mushrooms have proven fruitful in reducing the depression rate for patients up to 40 percent. The mushroom interacts with our brain receptors to produce positive hormones like Serotonin, therefore, negates the depression that we feel on a conscious level. Research is still being actively conducted to study how effective magic mushrooms can be in treating depression.

·      To Treat Cancer-Related Psychological Distress

Magic mushrooms are thought by scientists to be promising in areas like treating life-threatening psychological distress such as fear, anxiety, hopelessness, depression, etc. These are mainly caused by the patient’s psychological state being altered due to receiving news of being diagnoses with cancer. For people diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer, the chances of survival could drop to 50/50 and trash an individual’s mental health. According to research, the dying patient that is administered with magic mushroom shows signs of improved life quality and will to live because of their reduced depression and anxiety levels.

The Bottom Line


People seem to forget that magic mushrooms had been around since ancient times as they have been used by ancient civilizations like ancient China and the Aztec civilization. Mother nature has provided us with a substance that can treat our psychological distress, and we should not reject it nor abuse it. Let us be more open-minded towards the shroom and educate ourselves one article at a time!