What Are Some of the Common Orthopaedic Disorders?

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What Are Some of the Common Orthopaedic Disorders?

a person with an orthopaedic condition

Orthopedic disorders are medical conditions that usually affect your musculoskeletal system. They typically cause so much pain, but the good news is that these conditions are treatable. They can be treated or their symptoms alleviated through getting the necessary clinical care from a qualified health care professional.

Some orthopedic medical conditions can be treated by over-the-counter prescription medicines, while others can be corrected through surgeries. For instance, if you have some fractures or ligament injuries, you can book an appointment with the most reliable orthopaedic surgeon to treat these disorders.

Here are some of the common orthopedic disorders:


A fracture refers to a broken or a cracked bone. When some force is exerted on your bones and becomes too much for your bone to handle, you can get a fracture. Major leading causes of fractures include sporting injuries, road accidents, and falls. You can also get fractures too easily if you suffer from medical conditions that weaken your bones like cancer and kidney disease.

You can have a fracture while your skin remains intact, but the broken bone might sometimes pop out of your skin. If a gap is created when the bone breaks, a surgical procedure is required to put the bones back in place.

Lower Back Pain

lower backpainYou can start feeling pain in your lower back all of a sudden, or it begins slowly until it becomes unbearable due to regular movements that affect your spine or posture. You are likely to experience low back pain if you bend or twist while carrying a heavy load.

Lower back pain can be dull, sharp or constantly aching. Depending on how long you feel the pain, some can be treated with prescription medicine and physical therapy, while others need to be fixed by orthopedic surgery.


Arthritis is an orthopedic condition that is characterized by an inflamed joint. People suffering from this condition usually experience discomfort on joints that you cannot shake off and some warmth and swelling. There are other kinds of diseases that are like arthritis, e.g., lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis, which instead of targeting a single joint, inflames various tissue linings in the body, causing pain everywhere in the joints.

Arthritis causes a lot of pain which unfortunately can affect many of your daily activities and even simple activities like walking or holding things. There are over 100 forms of arthritis that can affect people of all ages. Suffering from arthritis makes it hard for people to exercise, leading to obesity and other cardiovascular complications. Surgery can be used to treat arthritis alongside physical therapy and other pain management plans advised by your doctor.