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What is 3D visualization?

3D visualization is the process of creating graphics and rendering designs using 3D software. Many industries benefit from 3D visualization ranging from architecture, film, and games, to engineering and manufacturing. A number of products and visions are created in 3D visualization prior to execution, saving both time and costs for producers, manufacturers and customers.

Where is 3D visualization used?

  • 3 axis CNC machine

    Architecture and interior design

    Customers these days are accustomed to seeing final designs at early stages. 3D visualization provides the ability to show interior and exterior designs, layout, lighting, texture, and even geography, prior to development.

    Image courtesy of Mattias Henningsson

  • 4 axis machining

    Product design and manufacturing

    3D visualization improves the manufacturing process by keeping up with design changes and evolving ideas. Engineers and production teams work together to customize and realize concepts at any scale, and iterate faster on designs.

    Image courtesy of Harjit Virdee

  • 5-axis CNC machine

    Media and entertainment

    3D visualization provides that ability to create robust characters in games, stunning designs for scenes, and engaging experiences with effects in film / TV. Artists can create realistic, and imaginary, visualizations, for a variety of digital media.

    Image courtesy of Brian Shray

How is 3D visualization used?

  • Tangram 3DS on VR and design visualization

    Tangram 3DS, a 3D visualization and digital design studio, specializes in comprehensive design solutions for the AEC, interior design, maritime, and real estate industries.

    Image courtesy of Tangram 3DS

  • AAA games development

    Game developers worldwide from indie to AAA use Autodesk software to bring their game ideas to life.

    Image courtesy of Naughty Dog

  • Story of six VFX studios behind Game of Thrones

    Find out how six studios behind HBO’s epic Game of Thrones managed hundreds of assets, shots, and artists, raising the bar for VFX in TV.

    Image courtesy of BlueBolt

Media & Entertainment Collection

Get Maya + 3ds Max + Arnold + more

Build a powerful 3D pipeline for complex simulations, effects, and rendering to tackle even the most demanding jobs, now and tomorrow.

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Collection

Get Revit, 3ds Max, Revit Live, AutoCAD and more. One essential set of BIM tools for design visualization, civil engineering, infrastructure, and construction.

Workflows for visualization software

Design visualization in VR with 3ds Max and Revit

Learn how to optimize your 3D projects for virtual reality, how to add interactivity, and turn VR into a powerful story-telling utility.

Automotive design visualization with Fusion 360

Learn the basics of an automotive design visualization process, taking a design concept from a sketch to a CAD generated photo-realistic rendering.

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